Personal Choices Provide for Personal Achievements

Individuals are able to participate in choosing Programs that provide learning experiences and personal gratification. We focus on abilities and interests to create structured achievement goals that fulfill, challenge and encourage individual excellence.


acad Df04 classroom

Classroom learning, or functional "Academics", is the core Program provided to enrolled individuals. With a strong emphasis on real-life scenarios that make classroom experiences as interactive and engaging as possible, we are able to help individuals understand and retain what has been learned.

Often family members & members of our community come share their expertise and life experiences; which further enhances learning experiences for us all.

Life Skills

life skills feature Df06 cooking

Knowing and practicing ordinary life skills is especially important for developmentally disabled adults. With training and guidance from staff, individuals enrolled in our Programs learn routine tasks such as money management, cooking, personal care and housekeeping; allowing for more confidence and independence.

the Arts

Allows individuals to experience many types of self-expression through music & dance, to drawing, painting and creating crafty treasures.

the arts feature music Df03 tambourine

Our Music Program utilizes sensory and therapeutic processes that help improve communication and social interaction. Music allows us to experience self-expression with unique creative flair, while also learning skills to identify and reproduce notes & sounds.

Fitness is Fun

Physical activity plays an important role in maintaining health, well-being, and quality of life; and can help control weight, & improve mental health by reducing depression and anxiety. For people with disabilities, physical activity can help support daily living activities and independence.

CwW feature Df09 golf guy holding hand up

A healthy & balanced lifestyle includes a fitness structure tailored to specific individual needs. All forms of exercise are beneficial; however, making FITNESS FUN is paramount to motivation and success. Sometimes a bit of friendly competition in group activities stimulates us to try harder; yet at other times we need to be still and reach into our inner selves with free weights or yoga.


Participating in Horticulture activities allows individuals to learn the responsibility and satisfaction of growing and nurturing plants through all of the many life cycles.

CwW Df13 butterfly farm

Animal Therapy

Interacting with animals prompts the body to release hormones that generate a relaxation and stress-reducing response, helping support good mental health and lowering anxiety. Animals can play very important roles assisting people with disabilities as part of therapeutic activities.

animal Feature Df08 cat

We encourage volunteers to bring therapy and service animals to visit our classrooms. Also, while participating in the Classrooms without Walls Program, we frequently visit farms and animal shows that broadens our understanding of the animal kingdom around us.

Classrooms without Walls

Remembering how magical childhood field trips seemed when we were young, we want to share those same types of experiences with individuals enrolled in our Programs.

CwW Df15 butterfly on a stick

Realizing that learning happens in every setting, our goal is to provide as many learning experiences as possible. We take groups of 4 -10 people, based on individual goals, into specific learning situations in the community where we engage with others and experience life situations.

Each outing has a specific purpose and can include employment, academic and social experiences. From volunteering in our community, to restaurant outings, and visiting museums, theaters, parks, and libraries, exposure to a variety of social gatherings helps create a sense of purpose for us all.